About Luminite

  • I’m all about working with you to help capture your physique at it’s best. Weather it’s images for your own collection as a reminder of capturing you at your peak,  or for you to show the world what commitment & determination looks like.
In the Luminite Studios I have a dedicated area to enable you to pose & flex to create the best images. I also have a large selection of exercise equipment to work with if you desire. Some of these props include chains, barbells, dumbells, tyres, kettlebell, yoga balls, parraletts, pull up station, just to name a few.  

I am also happy to come to your gym to capture you in motion on your favourite peices of exercise equipment. I know some gyms are not so flexable to this, and if that is the case there a gym near my studio who are happy to accomodate us, please ask for details. 
  •  Where ever we are shooting I’ll be working with a variety of different professional lighting set-ups.  If we are in a gym, I’ll be using battery lighting units, so no cables. 

Ideally you will let me know before hand if there is a particular muscle / group or area that you want to capture. I.E. Biceps, gluets, abs etc. Again prep before hand makes everything easier, better on the day. I recommend using body oil to help give your body better defination and shine, so please bring a towel for wiping down after.

Fitness Muscle photography Manchester

Tel: +44 7881941476

Unit 17, Suthers St, Oldham, OL97TQ