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A little about me....
My name is David/Dave, I'm at time of writting 48, a husband to Mel for 20+years and father to two grown up fun filled, still living at home (grrrr) kids. I love music, movies & coffee other than photogrpahy. Nowt new sorry.

When I 1st picked up a camera, I was photographing everything & anything to find what I really loved. I like a lot themes and aspects, but the the onces that really got my creative juices flowing where...
1 - Fitness / Muscle - The shape, the muscle, the tone, the shapes, the shadows.
2 - Art Nude, Bodouir and specfically Bodyscape / Bodysculpted in light type imagery because this lends itself so well to the muscle / fitness photography aspect as well. Again the shadows & definitions
The Bodyscape, sculptred in light I really love, but it's more arty and as much as I love, I couldn't see myself making any money to keep the wolves from the door. Ever met a rich attist?

So that leads me to the fitness & muscle aspect of photography. I love capturing the essecnce of all your hard work. Working with you to try to capture certain muscles or areas that you are particulary proud off. The shape and definition of part or the whole of your body. I get a real buzz out of capturing you and your physique at it's best!
Music has always been a love of mine which is why I I've installed a decent sound system down the studio for helping set the mood when you athletes come in. I find it helps get the client in the mood and relax, which helps make better images. Feed music to the client, client feeds the camera with better images.

So now I specialize in muscle & fitness photography along with bodyscape / sculptor imagery. So there you go, that's a bit about me. Hopefully that will ease any worries about where I'm coming from, and if you have any other questions, please ask away.

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