Fitness & Muscle Studio Portfolio

My fitness and muscle photography studio is situated in Oldham, nr Manchester adn this is where I shoot the most. It’s all about you in regards what you want me to capture. Maybe you want to me take some pre/post competition poses & flexs. Maybe you want me to capture you in action pulling, pushing, lifting etc. Or possibly you want to do some fitness exercises that you want captured for your clients, followers etc.

Here in my Manchester fitness studio we can do all that plus I can have full control over the lighting and space tailored to capturing you at your best. In otherwords we are in the best surroundings to capture the best fitness images for you possible!!!

A selction of exercise equipment available at my photography studio include: Pull up station, battle ropes, Truck tyre, sledgehammer, barbells, dumbells, chains, and a whole lot more. This is currently expanding so who knows what I’ll have by the time you book. 

This is my own exclusive fitness photography studio so we will never be distracted by other bodies or photographers. I also have a decent P.A. as well for playing your tunes on, to help you get motivated/pumped – it’s the little things right? As it’s my studio I can shoot at anti-social hours to suit you and your job, schedule etc. So don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas or book your shoot.  

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