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Working with you at your Fitness home. Wheather that’s your gmy, local sports club, park or your home gym. I have a selection of versatile & professional mobile camera equipment to make sure I can capture you & your physique where you feel most at home.

Early Starts, late finish, using the exercise equipment that got you in to your physical peak. Happy to Shoot urban, wilderness or Urbex. I have acess to abandoned mill if you want a gritty backdrop. 

I am always happy to work with you and your gym to in regards to times, equipment and gym etiquett. If you want to do a gym/location shoot but your fitness home doesn’t allow, or you don’t want to use your current gym, then get in touch as I know a great gym that will happily let us use there facillites for your photo shoot. 

Looking for a sunrise / sunset at a park or open space give me a nudge would love to plan something with you.

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